Music Features
  • 600,000+ Tracks Owned and growing!
  • 13+ Genre’s to choose from
  • Companies choose the genre’s or Zemeho helps choose for you.
  • Company Special mixtape
  • No Angel Music mixtape (used for cross platform promotion of special music)
  • Updated every month on 15th of each month (meaning 12 times a year)
  • Playlist & Games Community Landing page
  • Cross Platform Promotion
  • Ability to create and sell company game music CD or Vinyl
Unity3D asset package
  • Asset package for Unity developers with full source code and examples
  • Customizable
  • Supports iOS and Android platforms
  • Package size ~3MB (including example)
Coco2d-x Basic Info
  • Simple C++ API via function interface
  • [valinta] API is designed to be a must and a playback library with minus amount of dependencies
  • cocos2d-x external dependencies are related to network communication, those are libcurl, lib crypto and libssl